Saudi Arabia as a business partner of Czech Republic

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When searching for key business partners and new markets the Czech Republic to Saudi Arabia would help. Especially in the context of constantly inflected Ukrainian crisis and dependency on Russia is rich Gulf states directly offers.

The Czech Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek had bet on these markets. Gulf states have large amounts of mineral wealth. And it is a conscious and Czech. Mládek, who makes no secret of an intention to develop oil refineries, hinted that he is considering and Arab investors access to Unipetrol. We should be looking for an inspiration at their neighbors.

Hussein Shobokshi, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Saudi Arabia

“Czech reputation in Saudi Arabia is very good, especially in the business community. They know a lot of Czech products – especially from the automotive industry … We want to work and invest in coal.”

“The idea is – to learn from the experience of neighbors, because the Austrian company OMV is on the one hand, partly national, partly there is investor of the Emirates and the company jointly developed on the basis of the shareholder agreement,” said the Minister, adding: “It is in the oil industry best of all, when a company has everything – from the oil well to the gas station. ”

Saudi Arabia also has a large gas reserves. Abroad takes necessary building materials – mainly cement, bauxite, copper, zinc, limestone and marble. There then headed to the Czech plastics and fertilizers and agricultural products – such as lamb, melons and citrus.

Exports from Saudi Arabia

  • crude oil
  • refined petroleum products
  • plastics and other chemical products (fertilizers, etc.).
  • agricultural products
  • building materials

Potential imports into Saudi Arabia

  • food
  • agriculture
  • military technology

And what might Czech Republic, on the contrary offer Saudi Arabia? The main import commodity food. The industry is very interested in investing in farms, animals and the local market created demand for agricultural technology and food. Saudi market then offers opportunities for Czech suppliers of services and manufacturer of military and security equipment.

Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East and is willing to deal with any partner in the world, including the Czech Republic, says honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Saudi Arabia Hussein Shobokshi.

Czech Republic still exported mainly to Egypt. After the Arab Spring, but exports dropped significantly and the Czech and now trades mainly with the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Saudi Arabia is the third most important partner when we combined area of North Africa and the Middle East. Since 2010, while the turnover increases.

More information – interview with Mr. Hussein Shobokshi