Czech medical: More than an investment

Ing. Iveta Jakoubková, a spa specialist of the CzechTourism agency, opened the section that pointed out domestic spas. “You can obtain information on our medical tourism in a number of foreign agencies. We are well known in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Czech spas – especially a western triangle – are world-famous.” Her words were supported by Dr. Eduard Bláha, Head of the Czech Spa Association. “Only less than 50 facilities are traditional spa facilities with natural resources. 85 percent of foreign visitors are heading for the Carlsbad region,” said Bláha. MUDr. Josef Vymazal, DSc., Deputy of the Minister of Health, said that this year in May the Czech Minister Svatopluk Němeček together with his Saudi counterpart have signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

Tariq Osman Alqasabi, Chairman of the Dallah Healthcare, introduced the basic data of the Saudi health care system. Expenditures on health care in the Kingdom have been growing in recent four years by 30 percent annually. “Furthermore, health insurance has also been significantly increasing. It is a great opportunity for investment.”