Investment in Education and Art

Nada Massoudi, Chief Nurse in the Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh, described how women have been gradually breaking through in the KSA healthcare system since 2005. “We work in the arts, commerce or abroad. However, there are still many people who refuse women in the nursing profession for religious reasons.” According to Dr. Nadia Baeshen from the University of Business and Technology in Jeddah, 20 percent of the annual budget goes to education. “Of course, we need a follow-up research in all areas in the KSA and this is a challenge for the Czech Republic. We are interested in doctoral programmes.”

RNDr. Helena Kvačková from the Department of Science and Research at Charles University in turn described the benefits of Charles University. “It is one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded by Charles IV. The university has 17 faculties, three out of Prague, five medical, three theological. Is relatively large even comparing to European universities. It ranks among 1.5 percent of the best universities in the world, “said Kvačková. According to her, Charles University has 1,500 bilateral agreements, half of which are foreign.  Pavel Šťastný, Art Director, presented at the Forum a new art project Art of Culture Diversities which will take place in the spring 2015. A wide variety of art and design from the countries Asia, Africa and Middle East will be presented in the Czech Republic for the first time. More than 20 countries involved to the project, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and others. The aim of project Art of Culture Diversities is to introduce Islamic countries through historical and contemporary art, architecture and design. Behind the project was the vision to create the multicultural experience and an event that set ground for informal gathering and for other cooperation across countries. There are prepared many special events for the first year that initiates further cooperation of the participating states.